Power in the Stones



The value of the wyrdstone shards is not simply the coin that nobles and merchants are willing to pay for them. It is a well-known fact that the stones are rich in magic, and they are said to grant a variety of powers to those that learn to use them. Tales are told among the common folk of stones that caused a certain farmer’s harvest to double, or of the stone that made old Herr Grutenbauer's dog speak like a man. True or not, these tales hint at the powerful and chaotic forces at work in the stones. The most common use for the stones’ magic has to do with the discovery of the famed alchemist van Hoffman of Reikland. It was he who first observed that Wyrdstone can serve as a catalyst in the transmutation of base metals into gold. This usage of the stones has come to be the primary obsession of those who seek it, for many are willing to pay princely sums for stones that will make them an even larger fortune. Yet there are those who continue to seek the stones for their more arcane uses, and even mercenaries have been known to keep a stone or two that was thought to bring luck, healing, or other magical benefits.

Yet the stones are ultimately the work of Chaos, and those who seek to use them often learn to fear their magic rather than harness it. For every tale of a harvest that doubled, there are two about the harvests that rotted in the field when exposed to the strange glow of the stones; and for every tale of a dog that learned to speak like a man there are darker tales of animals that turned into a gruesome parody of a man-beast. The tales of magical healings are mixed with many of mutation and death brought on by exposure to the stones. Yet greed is the downfall of many in the City of the Damned, and the greed for power is perhaps the greatest of all...

Note: Witch Hunters, Sisters of Sigmar, Bretonnians, High Elf Shadow Warriors and Dwarfs are all too aware of the corrupting power of the stones, and will not make use of them under any circumstances.

Evaluating Stones

Instead of selling or storing all of a warband's wyrdstone shards, a player may choose to have one or more of their stones evaluated by an alchemist for useful magical properties. This is done during the trading phase of the post-battle sequence (consequently, this means if a stone is chosen to be evaluated and yields no special power, it cannot subsequently be sold until after the next battle). Instead of searching for a rare item, a hero may take one shard of the warband’s wyrdstone to an alchemist. Numerous alchemists have flocked to Mordheim to study the stones, and they ply their trade from tents and wagons in the encampments around the city. Alchemists are known for their greed, however, and they do not provide their services for free; for each stone evaluated, the warband must pay 20 gold crowns. When the stone is evaluated, roll 2D6 on the chart.