Random Mutations



Mordheim is a city under the sway of Chaos, and with Chaos comes mutation and change. There are numerous ways by which a warrior can be afflicted with mutation, and there are some who actually seek out mutation as a 'reward’ of the Chaos Powers. While mutations are not always harmful, and indeed can often be helpful, they are a mark of Chaos, and as such those who bear them are feared, shunned and persecuted throughout the Empire.

The following is a table used to generate the colourful, exotic, and sometimes debilitating mutations that will be visited upon certain warriors at certain times (i.e. as a result of exposure to Wyrdstone, for example). The table may also prove useful to Gamemasters who want to quickly generate some interesting mutants for a special scenario. The table uses a D66 roll, just like the Heroes Serious Injuries table in the rulebook. If the mutant rolls a mutation that it already possesses, re-roll it until a new mutation is generated.

Note: The great danger of mutation is that it will ultimately overwhelm the victim with the corrupting power of Chaos, reducing them to a monstrous and mindless Chaos Spawn. To represent this danger, if a warrior ever has a characteristic reduced to zero as the result of a mutation, they immediately degenerate into a loathsome Chaos Spawn (see the full rules for Chaos Spawn above).

Any member of a human, mercenary warband (this includes both Ostlanders and Averlanders) that receives a mutation marked with * is immediately drummed out of the warband by his suspicious peers. Remove the hero from the roster, his equipment is lost.

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