The Town Cryer of Mordheim

The Town Cryer is a ghostly apperition that stalks the streets of Mordheim in the dead of night. He is a special encounter/character that can be used in any scenario if agreed by all players participating in the game.


Appears at will...

The apperition appears at will to taunt adventurers with its ghostly presence and prophecies. Roll 2D6 at the start of each player's turn. If one or both of the dice matches the turn number, the Town Cryer manifests in all its antiglory! He appears within 2D6" of a random Hero of the player's warband whose turn it is and will only disappear when banished (see below), moves off the table or after D6 turns.

The floating prophet...

The Town Cryer always moves immediately prior to the player whose turn in which it appeared. It moves 2D6" in a random direction (detemined by a Scatter dice) unless a living creature is within 6" then it will move towards them. The Town Cryer always moves the full amount and passes through all obstacles. If it moves off the board it disappears. If the Town Cryer through a living creature, it 'chills' them. The affected warrior(s) must pass a Leadership test or suffer -1 to their Strength and Leadership until the Town Cryer disappears or is banished.

A curse upon all your heads!

If a warrior is within 6" of the Town Cryer after it finishes moving, it issues a portentous warning that could spell their doom! It always challanges the closest warrior. Roll 2D6 on the table to discover the nature of the Town Cryer's warning.